Your First Visit to our Dentist

Welcome to Audubon Dental & Implant Center in Lexington Kentucky! Below is a brief explanation on what you can expect during your first visit, along with preparing for it.

Smile Reminders

Smile reminders are notifications our dental office provides to our patients. We can send text messages, emails or phone calls. To set up your preference with us today,

Call us to schedule an appointment, or come to our office today. Our dentist and team are here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Smile Reminders Authorization

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Scheduling a dental appointment


Many wait until they have a toothache or have another dental issue to visit our dentist. This is not a wise choice as it can complicate your condition and later require extensive treatment. Visiting our dentist should be scheduled routinely to treat and maintain your oral health. Therefore, after your first visit, it’s recommended to visit our dentist every few months to keep looking and feeling great!



Our dentist will recommend arriving earlier to your appointment, in order to fill out new patient forms. Patient’s also have the option to fill out these forms online, prior to their appointment. To complete your patient forms online, please click here


Discuss Symptoms With our Dentist


It is important to discuss your oral health with our dentist. Providing our dentist with this information will allow for a better understanding. If you are feeling sensitivity or any discomfort in your mouth, revealing this is recommended to treat the issue before it worsens. Our team at Lexington Kentucky wants you to feel comfortable with our practice, and will assist you with any dental issues you may be experiencing.


Discuss Your Daily Dental Routine


In addition to all that has been said above, it is important for you to remember that it is recommended to discuss each and every aspect of your daily dental routine with our dentist.  Our dentist will discuss proper teeth cleaning methods, along with answer any questions you may have.



X-rays will be conducted by our dentist in order to review the current state of your dental health.