Popular Teeth Whitening Treatments


Sometimes, no matter how much care one can give to the dental hygiene, teeth can still have a discolor appearance. Many people opt to do teeth whitening procedures since if teeth don’t look as white as they can be, they will portray a sense of an unhealthy mouth. Some of the reasons why teeth might discolor have to do with the drinks and foods we consume. Daily eating or drinking coffee, wine, soda, tobacco, and such are the most prominent contributors to teeth stain. Teeth whitening is getting more accessible now since these treatments can be performed in a dental office as they can be implemented in your own home.  Therefore, it is essential to search what treatment will work best for you before committing to any.



This teeth whitening procedure can lighten a patients teeth by several shades, in just one visit! The bleaching gel is activated by the laser and can help resolve deep teeth stains.


However, laser whitening may not be recommended by our dentist if you have gum disease or tooth decay, as these are issues that should be treated first, so it’s always suggested to talk to our dentist first.

KöR Whitening System


The KöR whitening system comes in the form of a teeth whitening kit, that is applied on the teeth in the same manner as a custom whitening tray, with the difference being that it is usually left overnight.

The KöR whitening system kit, which contains the tray, whitening gel and a teeth desensitizer, is used to bleach the teeth deeply, removing stains and brightening your smile. Since it is a teeth whitening kit, it can be applied at home, with just a few simple steps.


How to Use the KöR Whitening System

Following are the steps to using the KöR whitening system at home:

  • The system is applied before going to sleep, and is used after your nightly oral cleansing routine. For this, simply brush your teeth as you would every night, and rinse your mouth thoroughly, removing any residue.

  • After the teeth are clean, apply the desensitizer. This will cause the teeth and the gums to go numb, so that you will not experience any discomfort from the gel. The desensitizer is only applied for two nights and does not need to be applied afterwards.

  • Then, take the trays that are the main aspect of the teeth whitening kit, and apply a small dollop of the gel in an even motion. Once the gel is applied, fix the tray on to the teeth and run a finger across the edges of the tray to make sure it is a tight fit.

  • In the morning, simply remove the tray, and use Q-tip or clean cloth to remove the gel residue, and then finally rinse the tray under room temperature water.

Zoom! In-Office Whitening


Over the years, we have seen many teeth whitening options come forward. Some of them have used a multi-stimulus approach to teeth whitening, and are generally considered more drastic than the whitening trays. Although more drastic, they are still harmless and provide excellent results, however they must be performed at our dental office.


Zoom! is one of the whitening methods that have showed to be a successful. Its results are quite effective and they can be reveal in as little as one session.


How the Zoom! In-Office Whitening System Functions

  • First, the dentist performs a comprehensive exam, which is meant to highlight any dental problems which need to be addressed before getting a whitening treatment done. This guarantees that the Zoom whitening procedure works as effectively as possible and prevents any future damage to the teeth. If no such conditions are found, then our dentist performs a teeth cleaning procedure, which primes the teeth for the application of the whitening gel.

  • Our dentist then applies mouth spacers to avoid the cheeks or lips getting contact with the teeth. This is needed to protect the softer tissue from the whitening agent to prevent any irritation.

  • Then, the teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth. This gel consists of a hydrogen peroxide solution that serves as the active ingredient that whitens the teeth.

  • After the gel has been applied, our dentist focuses a bright ultraviolet light on the teeth. This light acts as a catalyst and causes oxygen to be produced through a chemical reaction within the gel. This oxygen permeates the upper layer of the teeth, and bleaches them from within. The upper layer of the teeth is also bleached in this way. The oxygen works to remove the stains both on top and within the enamel.

  • Next, our dentist cleans away the zoom whitening gel and the procedure concludes.

BriteSmile In-Office Whitening


The BriteSmile in-office whitening system uses a hydrogen peroxide mixture and the power of “cool blue” LED light to whiten your teeth up to eight shades lighter. First, the gum line is protected with an application of vitamin E. Then, the whitening gel is applied to the surface of the teeth. The gel is then applied to the LED light and this accelerates the whitening process of the teeth.  This procedure is safe and won’t cause damage to your teeth. Also, if you are worry about teeth sensitivity due to the procedure, we can adjust you the amount of the product’s concentration.

Important: While the teeth whitening procedures mentioned in this article certainly work and have been proven to be effective, they are meant to accompany a good oral hygiene regime. It is very important to always maintain proper oral hygiene. This not only helps you get naturally whiter teeth over time, but it also maintains the results of your teeth whitening treatment and prevents stains from developing or darkening.

Biolase-ezLase 940


While other lasers might increase the temperature of the laser, causing patients some discomfort, Biolase keeps the patient comfortable by producing less heat because of its 940nm wavelength that has been especially designed for dentistry.



Dash uses hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, but unlike other whitening gels, this one doesn’t need to be refrigerated. The kit contains what is needed for the procedure, as well as a syringe that can be used in case the person experiences any sensitivity after the treatment.

EZ White


EZ White is an innovative treatment administered by our dentist. Many resort to this form of whitening, for its effectiveness in a single session. This treatment does not harm sensitive teeth during the whitening process.



Opalescence consists of custom made trays that our dentist provides at our office.  This kit allows our patients to get professional whitening results in the comfort of their own home.

This treatment is great for people who suffer from teeth sensitivity.

Venus White


This is another teeth whitening kit for patients to take home. Venus Whites gel comes in a mint flavor and is available in three levels of concentrations, i.e. 16%, 22%, and 35%.

This treatment works best when used in conjunction with custom trays.


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